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Utilize the checklist below for your wedding planning.

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Everything you need to know about getting started on your wedding planning.
Finances Organization Help
Who Pays for What?
What is the Average Cost?
Task Calendar
Organizing Receipts and Info
Friends and Family
Wedding Consultant
Pre-wedding Tasks
There are many things that need to be done before the wedding- make sure you get them all done.
Invitations Registering Pre-Wedding Photos
Invitation Wording
Addressing Invitations
Invitation Terminology
Where should I register?
What should I register for?
Engagement Photos
Bridal Portraits
Formal Attire
A wedding is one of the most formal occasions possible, so you should dress appropriately.
Bridal Gowns Groom and Attendants Accessories
Finding the One You Love
Men's Attire
Women's Attire
Shoes, Veil, and Slip
Jewelry, Hair, and Makeup
Reception Necessities
A reception has so many things that you need to make it perfect- here's all you'll need.
Flowers Wedding Food Decorations
Meanings of Flowers
Styles of Bouquets
What Flowers Do I Need?
Ceremony Decorations
Reception Decorations
Favor Ideas
Important People
This guide helps you with all you need to know about the people in your wedding.
Guests and Family Attendants
Who to Invite and How Many
Main Events
A wedding is more than just a wedding- Plan out the best Wedding and don't forget these fun events!
Wedding Parties
Engagement Party
Bridal Shower
Bachelor Party
Rehearsal Dinner
Photography and Videography
Every wedding needs a photgrapher to remember and share your wedding. Don't forget the music- make sure yours fits the theme.
How to Find a Good One
Picture List
Do I Need One?