Make The Most of What You Can Get

05/06/2016 By Sylvia Weinstock

Brides are very interesting.  You might come in and say you want something different, but then realize you don’t; and go back to the classic. It’s easier to figure out what you are looking for by the process of elimination. In other words, look at wedding cake pictures and decide 'I do like this' or 'I don’t like that' or 'I like this element.' Then put together a composite sketch.

Brides usually know what they don’t like, more than what they do.

I don’t really guide a bride to her decision, because I might guide them to something they don’t actually want. Don’t be talked out of something you want; because it is your wedding. You already have people telling you what they do and don’t have to do; don’t do that with your cake. Make the most of what you can get.

Go to the baker and taste what you're buying... make sure they have a good reputation and can deliver!  Make sure you go for a tasting, and figure out what you want to serve your guests.

Cakes are a treat. They are made with fresh fruits, butter, cream chocolate etc. Moderation is the key word. This is a special occasion and not a day to diet!

Let your wedding vendors, including your baker, really get to know you.  Let them come to understand where you are coming from and what you are like. There are certain things your baker needs to know, such as the season, the site, the decor and how many guests.  Otherwise, you see, whether you are very tailored, or frilly, or if you like color; all of these things can be a part of your cake.  I will ask about colors and design patterns that might be used in your wedding decor, but these suggestions are simply to help you realize your dream.  Your baker should listen to you, in terms of design, so you pretty much get what you want. 

I make friends out of my brides.