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05/06/2016 By Sylvia Weinstock

Over the last few years we have received several inquiries from brides asking tough wedding industry related questions. We normally create content in an upcoming issue where the question is answered or refer them to our wedding planners.

Our celebrity-contributing writer Sylvia Weinstock had the desire to step outside the world of cakes, and provide valuable insight to all things wedding related, and fill this great demand we’ve had.  No matter how frustrating, confusing or overwhelming wedding planning can be, with Sylvia’s abundance of experience and knowledge, she’ll provide the answers and advice to help you have a remarkably dignified wedding.

Q: I love my gown and would like to carry the design of it throughout my entire wedding. How do I incorporate some of the details of my dress into my cake?

A: A wedding gown is great design inspiration. What I suggest is to get a get a good photo of the details of your gown - lace, appliques, hand beading - and get it to your cake designer. Lace patterns, for example, can be piped on to a cake. Silver and gold medallions or strings of pearls can be duplicated in sugar to carry out your theme. It's an elegant choice!

Q: I am having a hard time deciding on the style of my cake. My fiancé wants something small and modern. I would like a larger more romantic design. Is there a compromise that we are missing?

A: Compromise is a beautiful thing, and you will need a lot of ir in the years to come! Having said that, weddings traditionally honor the bride! What i suggest is a "Groom's Cake" which you can get to "gift" him, in a personal theme or favorite flavors. What i also suggest to couples as a compromise i to use more than one type of cake and filling so the groom can weigh in. You can also have different tiers of the same cake -- some are bride's choice, some are the groom's.

Q: I recently learned that some couples choose to freeze the top layer of the wedding cake and eat it during their one-year anniversary. How does it taste after sitting in the freezer for a year? Is there a trick to doing this properly?

A: Many of my brides follow these instructions on preserving and freezing the top layer: Wrap it in saran/poly wrap and then place it in a plastic bag. Try to remove as much air as possible before the bag is sealed to prevent "freezer bun". Remove it from the freezer the night before use, and let it thaw - slowly unwrap and serve at room temperature. Brides who have a cluster of flowers at the top of the cake often preserve them under glass - and that will last forever!

Q: I hear from everyone that the bride & groom never get a chance to eat at their reception. I really want to sit down & enjoy our meal rather than discovering half way through the dance that I'm starving & the caterer is gone! Any advice on making sure that my groom and I get to eat something?

A: It is up to you to control the rhythm and pace of your wedding. Stop the dnce music when it's time to dine. You can have some soft background music which will encourage everyone, including you and the groom, to enjoy the toasts and the beautiful meal you hve spent a lot of time selecting for them. You will have much more fun at your own party if there is something in your stomach!


Q: I have a lot of friends with food allergies and needs. Is it ok to ask my caterer to create a separate meal for each of these (vegetarian, vegan. Gluten free and peanut allergy)? I want my guests to feel comfortable and enjoy themselves, but I don’t want to be over demanding.

A: Caterers are becoming more and more savvy to dealing with food allergies guests may have. It is up to you to give this information to your caterer in advance so a menu can be designed with choices. One way to do it is include a preference area in your response card for any special restrictions - as long as this is part of the pre-planning, your caterer will be please to work with you. No one, especially your caterer will want an unhappy guest, or even worse, anyone getting sick from the food!


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