Wedding Songs

song suggestions

There is more music to be chosen than just the bride and grooms first dance song. We have pulled the songs you know and love as well as the oldies you have forgotten about that are just as sweet. Don't think you need to pick the same first song as everyone as else. Make it a bit funky, show the crowd you aren't the average couple or take a trip down memory lane and choose a childhood song you haven't heard in 15 years. Don't forget to choose the father and bride song!

Wedding Ceremony Songs

Processional: The music that accompanies everyone that walks down the aisle. There will be two songs: one for the bridesmaids and groomsmen and then a song for the bride's entrance. 

Recessional: The recessional is like the opposite of the processional — so for your big exit, go for something more upbeat because the pressure is off now that you've gotten through the vows. 

Wedding Reception Songs

Reception entrance: This is a song to mark the bride and groom's entrance into the reception, usually with the wedding party in tow. It should be celebratory, not unlike the recessional song, and it's a good chance to set the tone for the party. If you want to introduce your wedding party first, you'll also need a separate song for them.

First dance: Yes, everyone knows they need a first dance, but most people struggle trying to find the perfect song. If you don't already have "your song," we can offer some suggestions. 

Father/daughter dance: Traditionally, the father of the bride takes a spin with his daughter on the dance floor after the first dance. It can be something personal or traditional.

Mother/Son dance: Then don't forget to also have a mother/son dance.

Cake-cutting: If you make your cake-cutting a ceremonial event, pick out an upbeat song since it is usually a cute, sweet part of the evening. 

Bouquet toss/ Garter toss: Toss it up! This calls for a happy upbeat song as well. Remember you are commanding the wedding's single ladies to the floor.