SANTA BARBARA VENTURA WEDDING BANNERCalifornia love! If you have ever dreamed of getting married by the beach, with the wind and surf creating a dramatic yet beautiful background, then why not book your wedding in the Santa Barbara-Ventura area? Santa Barbara-Ventura weddings are your high class, Southern California kind of wedding, but have the classical beach setting that makes any wedding, and reception, feel very romantic.

Santa Barbara Ventura weddings

These two southern Californian cities are about 30 minutes away from one another; both are coastal cities, so beach weddings are very popular with either city. There are sea-side resorts in each town, which are popular venues for weddings and receptions. Santa Barbara and Ventura have a lot in common; both have famous old missions from when Spain colonized the area, there are also botanical gardens, nature walks and parks. One of the most popular spots in Santa Barbara is the Waterfront. You can kayak around the Channel Islands, or rent a kayak for 2 hours and paddle close to the coastline. There are also wine tasting spots and events throughout the Santa Barbara area.

Aside from popular landmarks during Santa Barbara’s colonial days, there are loads of nature, wine, and cultural tours; beaches, and open markets that make Santa Barbara a wonderful place to get married, and to also spend your honeymoon. One popular beach destination, as well as wedding location, within the city is East Beach. There are excellent parking options, and the beach is lauded for its expansiveness and scenic views of the Pacific Ocean.

Another city by the water, Ventura, is a quick 30-minute drive away from Santa Barbara, and also offers amazing ocean views and great outdoor activities. The Ventura Pier and Promenade is one popular spot with locals and tourists alike. The general atmosphere of the pier is very calm and relaxed, and you will often see people walking their dogs or couples walking close to the surf while enjoying the view. The local Ventura botanical garden is another popular destination, as is the paved bike path that leads to the small town of Ojai. Additionally, if you prefer a little more privacy, or something a little more intimate, Ventura has far less crowded beaches.

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If you’re stuck choosing between the two, it all depends on your personal preference. With both cities so close to one another, you could stay in Ventura, have your wedding booked in Santa Barbara, or vice versa. There is a train that goes back and forth between the two cities, so guests have a convenient way to travel either place if renting a car is not much of an option. Santa Barbara-Ventura weddings are fun-filled occasions, and can be tailored to your specific wants. Wine, ocean views, and natural beauty – what more could a bride ask for?

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