SACRAMENTO WEDDING BANENR LINKWhen you think of a wedding taking place in California, some cities that possibly come to mind might be San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego or maybe even Santa Barbara. Sacramento is probably one of the last places that people think of when picturing a typical Californian wedding. But, believe it or not, California’s state capital is charming in its own, unique way and is more than what it appears to be. A Sacramento wedding is like a diamond in the rough - often looked over and not given much thought. But ask any Sacramento native, and they will go on and on about their love for “The City of Trees,” and why it’s such an excellent location to get married.

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One of the more popular venues to choose from for your Sacramento wedding are the Capitol Plaza Ballrooms. Located in downtown Sacramento, they are popular due to their ambience and architectural design. Two of the four ballrooms, the Fraternity and Temple rooms, channel a Neoclassical vibe with gilded walls, pastel painted walls and ceiling and elongated windows. Any fairy-tale themed wedding would be a perfect match for the Fraternity and Temple Ballrooms at the Capitol Plaza. The last two ballrooms, the Silver and Grand rooms, have a more modern vibe. The Silver Ballroom, specifically, has four columns in the center of the room that make for a perfect spot to wrap and hang lights to create a romantic ambiance.

If you’re looking for a venue that is more based outside, there’s the Whitney Oaks Golf Club. The clubhouse located on-site has two banquet rooms that comfortably seats up to 220 guests, along with a fully stocked bar and lounge. There is also a terrace at Whitney Oaks that overlooks the 18th green, setting a relaxing mood for any wedding and reception. The staff at Whitney Oaks also can provide you a list of local vendors who can accommodate any needs you have, such as DJ services, photography, transportation and anything else you could possibly need! Whitney Oaks also offers a comprehensive menu list of the different appetizers, main courses, desserts and beverages offered by the clubhouse.

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Venues aside, there are a plethora of options for catering, photography, videography, flowers, and anything else you can think of for your Sacramento wedding. One of the great things about Sacramento, too, is its location. The city is located about two hours away from the Bay Area, and then another two hours east of Sacramento is Lake Tahoe. It’s almost like a gateway to equally great locations that you can turn into a relaxing day or weekend trip.

Sacramento weddings are fun occasions, and are often under appreciated. But that is all the more reason to go all out with the décor, gifts, music, food, the venue – everything! California is a great place, so why not get married in the state’s historical capital?

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