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Unique Idea's For Your South Florida Wedding Reception


Unique Idea's For Your South Florida Wedding Reception

Forget the typical stuffy and boring wedding receptions... make sure your wedding guests let loose and really enjoy themselves with these unique idea's for your south Florida wedding reception!

South Florida Wedding Reception Ideas

1. Let's Take a Walk Down Memory Lane

Have your wedding guests feel like they are an important part of your wedding day by incorporating them into the decor with a gallery of meaningful friends and family photographs.  Create something that we like to call "Strolling Down Memory Lane".  First we hang photographs of the bride and groom with loved ones along the walkway from the wedding ceremony to the south Florida wedding reception. It's an enjoyable conversation piece for all your wedding guests.  As your wedding guests take a leisurely stroll down memory lane and they discover photograph's of themselves with either the bride or groom or both which they now begin to reminisce about how important their relationship is with you.

South Florida Wedding Reception Ideas 2

2. Start A Conversation Creatively

When entering into your south Florida wedding reception for the first time as husband and wife, don't just do the standard arm-in-arm stroll. Consider Running... Skipping... or Dancing...  or even swing in on a rope swing that will get your wedding guests attention and kick off your wedding reception on an exciting note!  Discuss with your husband to be the most imaginative, appropriate way to make a grand entrance into your south Florida wedding reception.  This is a great way to start your wedding reception by creating a grand entrance which kicks off for a fun and enjoyable wedding reception night.

South Florida Wedding Reception Ideas

3. Play Party Games

Consider making your wedding menus into puzzles, so each wedding guest gets one piece of the wedding puzzle at their place setting, then everybody at the table needs to put the pieces together to get the full menu.  Crossword puzzles are always enjoyable for the back of a wedding program or if you have wedding guests that are going on a bus ride across town to get to your south Florida wedding reception

South Florida Wedding Reception Ideas 4

4. Combine Live Bands with Original Artists Soundtracks

Wedding guests seem to always enjoy the energy of a live band but they also seem to want to hear the original artists sing their favorite songs.  So let's compromise, a bride may want to hire a wedding band but also have the DJ's play music during breaks and dinner at your south Florida wedding reception.  Here's a great idea... check with the band leader and ask him if the DJ plays the original soundtrack and can the band plays live along with the music!  It's a huge crowd pleaser!

South Florida Wedding Reception Ideas 23

6. Wedding Guests Sweet-Tooth

Let's assume the majority of your wedding guests have a sweet tooth and you should consider creating your very own dessert.  A cupcake making station is a reinvention of the popular hot fudge station. You should have a wide variety of trays of beautiful colors and flavors.  Your wedding guests may want to stack crushed Butterfingers on a chocolate buttercream cupcake or sprinkle crushed M&M's on top of a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese.   This sort of DIY dessert will definitely bring out the kid in everyone of your south Florida wedding guests!  Here in south Florida were the wheather is always warm consider bringing in a Sno-Cone station.  Have your south Florida wedding planner help you lease a shaved-ice maker from a party rental business.   Also it's smart to include a choice of a wide variety of syrups as well as dinner liqueurs.  Think outside the box with possibly providing frozen White Russians, Orange Shaved Ice with Grand Marnier. This will be super popular with your wedding guests at your south Florida wedding receptions!

South Florida Wedding Reception Ideas 34

7. Make Your South Florida Wedding Reception Entertaining!

Think about how amazed you are when you see magic tricks or other untraditional entertainment such as like tarot card readers or the lastest craze flip book stations.  Flip books are where your south Florida wedding guests create quick motion pictures and make mini books.  You can use both of your shared interests as a guaranteed wedding inspiration for your wedding guests. Questions like: Did you meet at a comedy club? So consider hiring a stand-up comic to entertain your south Florida wedding guests.  Or you can use your heritage as a topic such as hiring ethnic dancers or musicians who can share a set with the band to entertain your wedding guests.  If your country hire square dance instructors and have them teach your wedding guests line dancing, they will love it and have a blast!

South Florida Wedding Reception Ideas 89

8. Food Stations are the Latest Craze

Wedding guests love having a chef prepare a hot dish for them.  The south Florida wedding receptions are doing more chef-hosted stations of single items than ever before! Consider somthing like a fresh tomato salad bar with local tomatoes and cheeses and all the extras.  The tomato seems to be a big hit with wedding guests these days... I've never seen anything like it!   Have what they call the 100 Mile Table packed with all regional fruits and vegetables and artisan foods, all from within one hundred miles of your south Florida wedding reception with handmade cheeses, homemade pickles, fruit and best of all local beer and wines.

South Florida Wedding Reception Ideas 78

9. Popular Wine Tastings

Looking for an enjoyable, interactive south Florida cocktail weddng reception idea? Consider providing your south Florida wedding guest with a 1- to 2-ounce tastes of 3 different wines.  "Everyone gets a note pad with information about the flavor notes and the wines. Consider that if you can provide your own wine without being charged corkage charges, this option might cost even less than having speciality bars at your south Florida wedding reception venue.

South Florida Wedding Reception Ideas 54

10. Consider Bringing in the Food Trucks

Long after your south Florida wedding reception dinner is over and your wedding guests are still on the dance floor, serve up a surprise desert.  Consider having a local food truck up outside your south Florida wedding reception.  Give your wedding guests a wrist band or a ticket so they can get a dessert and then come back and start partying again.  Hiring specialty food trucks serving everything from spicy Korean tacos to crème brûlée is a great way to entertain and delight your wedding guests.  Consider a cupcake food truck to serve cupcakes decorated with the couple's initials on the top or breakfast foods like waffles and pancakes for a late-night treats before everyone heads home.

South Florida Wedding Reception Ideas 88

11. Customize Your Wedding Guest Book

Photo booths have become the lastest craze at south Florida wedding receptions.  If you 'd like to try something brand-new, provide your wedding guests dry-erase boards and markers and established with a colorful curtain as the backdrop.  Your wedding guests compose their messages to the bride and groom and are then photographed with them in front of the green screen or curtain.  It's interactive, very affordable and you can designate someone with an iPhone take the pictures and then you have a one of a kind weddng guest book of your south Florida wedding reception.

South Florida Wedding Reception Ideas56

12. Writing a Special Wedding Toast

Instead of an expensive tasting bar, make one toast with your favorite liquor. We have actually done tequila toasts, and this way you can limit the amount your wedding guest drinks everybody drinks, which allows you to serve much better quality of liquor to your south Florida wedding guests.

South Florida Wedding Reception Ideas 76

13. The Campfire Feel

If you're having an outdoor south Florida wedding reception, develop a lounge area where wedding guests can hang out and talk. Consider having a coffee station serving expresso, lattes or hot toddies.  Consider having an acoustics guitar playing contemporay music, so your wedding guests can sing along while being served mini sliders, grilled cheese sandwiches or s'mores.

South Florida Wedding Reception Ideas 34

14. Midnight Snacks

Instead of the tired old conventional favors consider sending your wedding guests home with a midnight snack... give them milk and mini-donuts served in takeaway boxes. Or even better hand out bags of cookies iced with your monogram or 2 artisanal chocolates or even little tins of a speciality tea's for your south Florida wedding reception good-nights...

South Florida Wedding Reception Ideas 30

15. Party After the Party

Some wedding couples plan an after-party that's nearly as complex as the south Florida wedding reception its self. But what most wedding guests actually want is just to cut it loose and have a memoriable experience.  Save yourself time and headaches by renting a bus or large van to drop your wedding guests off at the local south Florida nightclub.  You can go out with them if you like, or have some alone time with your new groom rather than partying late into night.  In most cases the newlyweds don't go, but it's there choice to go or stay.  A south Florida wedding reception event is all about the experience that you and your wedding guests share.  When wedding guests leave feeling that they had a wonderful time, you'll know your south Florida wedding reception was a total success.