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South Florida Destination Wedding Venues

10/30/2017 Jessica Wheatley & Greg Black

South Florida Destination Wedding Venues

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Weddings in South Florida - Selecting the perfect South Florida Destination Wedding Venues

The location of your South Florida destination wedding determines not just the mood (rustic, sophisticated, beach wedding), but also the travel, time and budget needed for your South Florida wedding.  You want your wedding guests to walk away from your south Florida destination wedding saying, "That was the perfect wedding!”  Your wedding style, not simply the wedding location, but all the activities and overall wedding themed ambiance for the weekend.  Did he propose on vacation in South Florida on the beach? Are you foodies?  Think about gathering your wedding guests in a place like South Beach in Miami Florida.  Or if you like outdoor adventures, think about Palm Beach Florida, where your wedding guests can jet ski through the tropical waters before the wedding rehearsal dinner.

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Weddings in South Florida

The very best weather in South Florida for a destination wedding is in the fall and winter with the temperature averaging in the mid 70’s.  If you choose to have your have your South Florida destination wedding in high season, you'll need to do hotel room blocks and secure your south Florida wedding venue sooner than later and remember to send out Save-The-Date 10 to 12 months in advance so your wedding guests can reserve their flights and book their accommodations before rates increase.  If you select a less busy season you’ll have the ability to save money for both yourself and your wedding guests for your upcoming South Florida destination wedding.  While the off-season will mean less crowds, the weather conditions can be a bit hot but South Florida always has a beautiful tropical breeze blowing year round.

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Planning for your Wedding Service in South Florida

We suggest you take a road trip to South Florida prior to your wedding day in preparation to your South Florida destination wedding day.  You'll need to adventure out and secure your wedding venue, event location and your wedding reception venue, the hotels for your wedding guests, a location for your rehearsal dinner venue and local wedding vendors such as catering services, wedding floral designers and professional wedding photographers.  In addition you'll need to arrange “food tastings" with your wedding caterer, see interview and the work from potential wedding florists, find a wedding day hair and makeup artist and arrange fun activities (golf, tennis, strolling tours, museums) for your all  of your wedding guests.

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South Florida Wedding Services

If done right, a South Florida destination wedding may be no more expensive and perhaps even less than hosting the same party in your home town.  Still there are always unforeseen expenditures you'll need to factor in for any South Florida destination wedding, including expenses such flying in essential wedding vendors and wedding décor, welcome bags for your wedding guests, additional activities for your wedding guests and travel expenses for you and your immediate families.

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Hire a South Florida Wedding Planner

Control freaks beware… If you're hosting a South Florida destination wedding, you will have to delegate a lot of preparation to your south Florida wedding planner.  A south Florida wedding planner can take on the burden of researching and securing your local wedding vendors, handling logistics like wedding tent rentals and lighting and handling any last-minute problems prior to your south Florida destination wedding.  Your south Florida wedding planner handles creating gift bags for wedding guests, greeting your wedding guests at the airport,  keeping people busy with fun activities once there, and getting your wedding guests where they have to be on-time.  Lots of south Florida destination wedding resorts have their own wedding planners on location as well.

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You're now on South Florida Time - Relax!

Don't keep your eye on the clock or you will go crazy.  Bear in mind that numerous tropical islands, even in South Florida runs on "island time" and things occur when they occur, so don't get stressed out because your wedding vendors have an easygoing attitude.  Avoid the temptation to micromanage from afar they know their jobs and everything will be perfect for your South Florida destination wedding day!

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It’s Time to Party South Florida Style

Inform your wedding bridal party about the South Florida wedding location so that they can with dignity decline if their financial resources are tight to make the trip.  Don’t be upset if some of your closest friends or relatives can’t afford to go to your South Florida destination wedding!  Even though you are, paying for a lot of the food and drink their expenses for travel, hotel, and car rentals that can add up quickly. Even though your South Florida destination wedding is a mini-vacation for you, it might not be the one some of your wedding guests wish to take or afford!

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Mother Nature can be unpredictable

Don’t assume that the weather conditions in South Florida is beautiful year-round even though it is known as the “Sunshine State”.  Hurricane season lasts from July through October in Florida and can put a significant damper on your South Florida destination wedding day, so plan accordingly.

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Your Wedding Guests

In addition to setting up group rates for flights and room blocks, provide information for getting to and from the closest airport to your south Florida destination wedding venue, welcome everybody to the wedding rehearsal dinner and the next-day brunch.  Also we recommend you deliver welcome bags to their rooms, full of necessities for the trip, such as the following necessities...

  • Booze
  • Suntan Lotioin
  • Cash
  • Lip Gloss
  • Swim Suit
  • Bottled Water
  • Sunglasses

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Weddings in South Florida and Your Wedding Dress

Always consider the South Florida climate when selecting your wedding dress, especially picking your bridesmaids gowns.  You'll all be drenched in sweat if you choose a wedding dress with long sleeves in a tropical environment.  Having your groomsmen to wear black tuxes in the sun and heat is simply a bad decision.  Also, if you're exchanging your wedding vows outside for your South Florida destination wedding, you may want to reconsider that long wedding dress train that will quickly get muddy or grass-stained or wearing three-inch heels that will stick in the mud or grass.

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South Florida Destination Weddings

Don’t sweat it but you're essentially completing in the Olympics of wedding preparations when planning for a South Florida destination wedding affair.  You need to be twice as organized as a local wedding couple.  Remember if it can go wrong it will go wrong so cross your T’s and dot your I’s.  Take a deep breath and know everything at your South Florida destination wedding will turn out perfect even if there are a few unforeseen problems along the way… Enjoy!

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