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Designing Your South Florida Wedding Cake

Designing Your South Florida Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake 1

Wedding Cake Tastings

Designing your wedding cake is one of the most exciting parts of your wedding planning experience.  As you begin the process of setting up wedding cake tastings, you should have a pretty good idea as to what your looking for.   At tastings, brides are welcomed into the bakery to sample numerous wedding cakes and review portfolios and testimonials. This is an exceptional opportunity to speak with the bakers and have a good understanding of their capabilities.

Wedding Cake 2

Selecting Your Wedding Cake Design

Begin thinking about your wedding cake after the decisions about your wedding dress design and wedding reception decor have been made.  Once these decisions have been made you can begin to focus on the style and structure of your wedding cake.  Choose a wedding cake that's compatible with your personal style, the season, your wedding gown and wedding flowers.  If you want sugar flowers or icing ribbons, you should provide your baker examples from Pintrest or the wedding website.  Your wedding cake should be part of the centerpieces of your south Florida wedding.

Wedding Cake 3

Sizing Up Your Wedding Cake

The rule of thumb is a three tier wedding cake will serve 50 to 100 wedding guests and you'll likely need a five layer wedding cake for 200 wedding guests or more.  If your wedding reception is in a grand ballroom with high ceilings, think about increasing the wedding cake height with columns between the tiers.

Wedding Cake 4

Wedding Cake Pricing

Wedding cakes are frequently priced out by the piece, the cost does vary, but usually varies from $1.50 to $15 per piece. The more complex the wedding cake design the more expensive it will cost.  Fondant icing is more expensive than buttercream, and if you desire elaborate molded shapes, dynamic colors, or handcrafted sugar-flower detailing, you'll be paying for the wedding cake designer's time and labor.

Wedding Cake 5

Lots of Ways to Save Money

Order a small cake that's decorated to perfectly so you can feed just a handful of wedding guests. Stay away from tiers, handcrafted sugar flowers, and specifically molded shapes. What really runs up the bill is adding tiers, molded designs and hand made sugar flowers, just keep it simple.  If you'll have additional dessert tables including your wedding cake, think about a cake sized for half your wedding guests. Servings will be smaller, however the cost will of your wedding cake will go down as well.

Wedding Cake 6

Wedding Cake Frosting

Buttercream or fondant? That's primarily the first question your wedding cake designer will ask you.  Buttercream on your wedding cake is often much more scrumptious.  But if you love the smooth, almost surreal-like appearance of fondant you should consider frosting the cake in buttercream first then including a layer of fondant over the entire confection of your wedding cake look and design.

Wedding Cake 8

Summertime South Florida Weddings

If you're having an outdoor wedding in a hot climate such as South Florida, stay away from whipped cream, meringue, and buttercream unless you want a big mess and it will melt!!!  Ask your wedding cake baker about summertime icing choices such as a fondant covered wedding cake because it does not need to be refrigerated.

Wedding Cake 9 For Great Wedding Cake Ideas

Keep in mind have food stylists, editors, and assistants all working continuously to keep wedding cakes looking best. These wedding professionals invest hours fixing the wedding cake after it's been sitting for a hours.  So do not anticipate your wedding cake designer to be able to replicate exactly what you see on Pintrest or especially in a magazine.

Wedding Cake 10

Adding Flowers to Your Wedding Cake

If you wish to garnish your wedding cake with fresh flowers, learn if the wedding cake designer will deal with your florist, or if you are accountable for the blossoms.  If the flower designer is running the show, will she have time to fix the wedding cake?

Wedding Cake 11

Get the Groom Involved

The popularity of the groom's wedding cake, typically a Southern tradition is becoming more popular.  The brides wedding cake, the one cut by the couple at the wedding reception is traditionally is served as dessert.  The groom's wedding cake is typically darker and richer (often chocolate) and nowadays crafted to display the groom's passions and fixations. (Football, cars, fishing…) Offer pieces go to the wedding guests as a take-home memento or served both for dessert.

Wedding Cake 12

Get It On Display

Your wedding cake will likely be on display throughout the wedding reception as one of the main focal points of your event.   Make sure there is a designated wedding cake table that displays this wedding cake work of art as possible.  A round table is best for round wedding cakes, however a linear wedding cake design may work best for a rectangular table.  Have fun dressing up the wedding cake table by draping it with motifs, colors, and flowers to match the wedding cake and you should discuss this with your florist ahead of time.

Wedding Cake 23

Top It Off

There are dozens of stunning and unique ways to complement your wedding cake, so you can avoid those stupid plastic figurines. If you have a treasured heirloom from the family ask your baker to try and incorporate it into your wedding cake design.  A sugar or gingerbread cookies designs are great additions to your wedding cake.  Carefully sculpted maple sugar or marzipan figurines are pretty cool along with sugar flowers or possibly a waterfall of icing ribbons draped over your wedding cake.

Wedding Cake 19

Ensure Delivery for Your Wedding Cake

Your wedding cake delivery takes a lot of communication and coordination. Complex wedding cakes may not necessarily be delivered in it’s final presentation.  You need to allow time and a place for their people to set up your wedding cake for display. Refrigeration might also be required for some wedding cakes.

Wedding Cake 16

After Your South Florida Wedding

Avoid the freezer burn of the top of your wedding cake!  Even taking the most painstaking packaging measures packing up the top tier of your wedding cake on your first anniversary sounds far much better than it really tastes.  Consider indulging on your two week or one month wedding anniversary by treating yourself to a fresh wedding cake with the same flavor instead of waiting a year. If you are going to wait for your 1 year wedding anniversary then wrap your wedding cake in plastic wrap, then bag it in a freezer bag.  Do not use aluminum foil against to prevent freezer burn use only plastic wrap since it's airtight.  We suggest you double wrap your wedding cake tier and to enjoy a couple of months into your marriage.  Enjoy!

Wedding Cake 20

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