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Designing the Perfect Wedding Invitation

Designing the Perfect Wedding Invitation

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Along with listing your wedding venue, time of day, designing the perfect wedding invitation is more about style and contemporary look of your wedding invitation. You ought to have a very good concept of the type of south Florida wedding you and your groom are having.  Is your south Florida wedding a classic and stylish, casual beach wedding, or glamorous black-tie wedding?  Before you begin looking for wedding invitation stationery, so you can choose an wedding invitation design that fits the style and design of your south Florida wedding day.  First you should browse wedding invitation websites and check out other couples' wedding invitations to get ideas and designs so you can create your very own wedding invitation that you will love.

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Choose Your Wedding Invitation Colors

First question you should ask yourself is, “What are my wedding colors?”  You may choose to include your wedding colors and your theme incorporating them into your wedding invitations. The top color choices of todays brides are ivory, cream or white card stock coupled with a gold font seems to be the traditional choice for formal wedding invitations.  Brides you can also brighten your wedding invitations with vibrant embossed font styles, paper stock, envelopes and liners.

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Wedding Invitation Sizes and Shapes

The traditional wedding invitation shapes and sizes are 4.5-inch-by-6.25- inch rectangular in design.  But newly engaged couples are choosing a more spirited or a modern look with circular, scalloped and square wedding invitations. Moving to far from the standard envelope size will increase your postage expense especially if your wedding invitation is bulky or extra-large this will cost you more money to mail.

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Wedding Invitations Need to be Easy to Read

Think about the colors and patterns you are wanting to incorporate into your wedding invitation but don’t forget about the copy.   The copy you decide to put on your wedding invitation is the whole purpose of sending them out in the first place. Your wedding invitation should read easily so don’t use light ink on light backgrounds and dark ink on dark backgrounds. Yellow and pastels are difficult colors to see and read, so if you're choosing those colors make sure the background has enough contrast for the words to be legible.  Hard-to-read fonts such as a heavily scripted typefaces, don't choose them because you don’t want to sacrifice readability for hard to read fonts on your wedding invitation.

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Choose Your Wedding Invitation Words Carefully

Focus on phrasing your wedding invitation properly.  Traditionally, whoever is hosting is listed first on the wedding invitation.  Typically, you should provide everyone your wedding details including the time of the wedding ceremony.  On traditional wedding invitations, there's always a request for your host’s presence concerning your upcoming south Florida wedding.

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Wedding Invitations

List only the important information such as, wedding ceremony, the time and place, who the hosts are and your name as well as your fiancé's name.  You can also add to the wedding invitation, dress code and RSVP details.  Putting to much copy on your wedding invitation can make it much more difficult to read which takes away from the elegance of the wedding invitation that you are trying to achieve. Leave all the extra instructions such as directions to your wedding venue and post or pre-wedding details activities for your wedding site and/or print them on separate enclosure cards.

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Save the Date

Save-the-dates should go out 6 to eight months prior to your south Florida wedding.  It can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks or longer, depending how elegant you made your wedding invitation.  Because you save-the-dates do not have to match your wedding invitation, purchasing everything from one stationer will probably save you money and make the whole wedding invitation process easier on you.  So begin checking out stationers 9 to 11 months before your wedding. Plan on sending out your wedding invitations about 4 to 5 months out prior to your south Florida wedding.  If you're having a south Florida destination wedding or getting married marrying over the holidays, send your wedding invitations out even earlier (10 to 12 weeks prior to your south Florida wedding day).

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Double Check Your Dates

Include your RSVP information in the bottom right hand corner of your wedding invitation or in a separate enclosure but make sure the due date is no greater than 3 or 4 weeks after guests receives their wedding invitations.  Check with your catering manager to know when they'll require the final head count.  Unfortunately the more time you give your wedding guests to reply, the more likely they are to forget about your south Florida wedding date.

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Hire a Calligrapher to Address Your Wedding Invitations

When you purchase your wedding invitations, see if you can take the envelopes home right away.  That way, if you're having a calligrapher address your envelopes they can get a head start.  While you do not have to hire a calligrapher to address your wedding invitation envelopes, we suggest that you do, it looks perfect and makes a wonderful impression on your wedding guests.  While utilizing printed labels is an easy and economical alternative, handwriting each address is not only more formal, it's also more personalized and shows you care.  It shows your guests that you want them to be at your south Florida wedding and that you put in the time to personally handwrite their name and address on the wedding invitation envelopes.

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Triple-Check Your Wedding Invitations

Prior to your wedding invitation order being printed, your stationer will send you an proof of the wedding invitation final.  Don’t just have your fiancé and friends read it over but ask your everyone to inspect the final proof of your wedding invitation prior to approving it for printing.  You would be amazed at the typo’s and dates you will miss on just a simple wedding invitation.  Your eyes play games on your brain and you can be looking right at a wrong date on your wedding invitation and never see it!  Check and Re-Check before final approval!

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Remember Your Thank-You Notes

Track all your RSVP’s as they are coming in using a guest list manager tool or spreadsheet found on  Make a column where you can note what each wedding guest gives you.  Then, as your wedding gifts begin coming in, start writing your thank-you notes so you don't forget or get behind the curve.  For any presents received before the wedding, you need to send out a thank-you notes within two weeks. For those wedding gifts given on or after your wedding day, you have up to a month to thank them.

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Put a Stamp on Your Wedding Invitation Envelope

It may sound ridiculous but people do forget to put a stamp on their wedding invitation envelope!  If you want your wedding guests to mail back their reply cards, you better also include a stamp with a pre-addressed envelopes.  That way they do not have to pay for the postage and they will actually respond sooner if the envelope is stamped and addressed.  Traditionally, the return wedding invitation envelopes should be addressed to whomever is hosting your south Florida wedding.

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Check with Your Post Master

While you most likely can't wait to drop those wedding invitations into the mail and check another box off your order of things to do, weighing a final wedding invitation, including all enclosures for the exact weight of your wedding invitation envelope.  Last thing you want is all of your wedding invitations being returned because of insufficient postage.  This can set you back by weeks once you realize that you didn’t put enough postage on your wedding invitation envelopes and now your back to square one and way behind schedule.

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