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Choosing Your South Florida Wedding Dresses

Choosing Your South Florida Wedding Dresses

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1. Start your south Florida wedding dress search about 9 months to a year prior to your wedding date, if possible. Designer gowns must be ordered six to nine months ahead of time to guarantee there is enough time for delivery and alterations. If you wish to personalize your wedding dress by including bling, beading or lace or by modifying the neck line or train, it can take even longer, so plan appropriately. On a time crunch? Ask your south Florida wedding salon consultant if your wedding dress of choice can be rushed for an extra fee or think about participating in a trunk wedding dress sale, where bride-to-be’s can buy right off-the-rack styles with discounts of up to 80% located everywhere throughout south Florida.

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2. Have a reasonable spending plan for your south Florida wedding. Even if you have $1,500 set aside for your wedding gown it doesn't necessarily mean that you can purchase a $1,500 dress. Remember to add on tax, shipping (if you're not buying off-the-rack) and alterations. Some south Florida wedding dress salons cap alterations at a specific amount whereas others charge a flat fee.  A lot of south Florida wedding & bridal salons require a deposit that accounts up to 50% of the ticket cost of the dress.  Always pay by charge card so that you have a record of the payment in case problems emerge and they do!  Bride-to-bes are devastated when they discover 'The One' but don't have the offered money to purchase their dream wedding gown, which risks their wedding dress being canceled or sold to another south Florida bride.  By planning ahead, you'll be ready to say “I Do” in the perfect wedding dress for your south Florida wedding day.

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3. Familiarize yourself with wedding dress designs prior to going shopping. Before you get lost in all the terminology about wedding gown terms, consider the fundamental overview of the wedding dress.  Wedding dresse silhouettes fall into 6 broad classifications: ball gown, empire, A-line, sheath, fit-and-flare, and mermaid. Try on each wedding dress the first time you go shopping for your wedding gown, and it'll quickly become clear which wedding dress fits your body and your shape. Choosing the right gown design you want to wear will help limit a big variety of choices. From there, you can pick secondary choice of wedding dress, such as neck line, sleeves, embellishments, etc.

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4. Choose your preferred wedding dresses in a personal Pinterest board. Browse the hundreds of wedding gown designs in wedding dress gallery and pin your favorites.  Then take a step back and look for similarities among the gowns. "You should start to discover all the different designs that you believe will look best on you for your wedding day.

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5. Consider scheduling your bridal wedding dress consultation on a weekday, when there are less crowds, and you might get more personalized attention. If you have a personal day to spare, or perhaps a half day, it might be worth taking off work to go wedding dress shopping at 1 p.m. on a Tuesday. That way, you can get the best service and the most attention possible from the bridal gown sales staff. Schedule your gown appointments at bridal salons that are within your budget because dresses range in price from inexpensive to tens of thousands.

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6. Limit your wedding dress shopping entourage to avoid confusion and chaos.  Although it might be tempting to ask everyone on what will be the most crucial fashion purchase of your life, the more more bridesmaids and mom’s you ask the greater the possibility you'll end up overloaded or totally confused and frustrated.  Bridal salon consultants advise having 2 or 3 loved ones (5 at the max), to accompany you to wedding dress visits.

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7. Envision how you want your wedding dress to make you feel. Do you want to look attractive, sexy, busty, modern-day, chic, conventional, or you may desire to have a more classic sensation.  The choice in the end is yours!  Share your vision with your bridal consultant, who can help you with the latest wedding dress styles and will match the look you want.

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8. Always keep an open mind when trying on your wedding dresses.  A wedding gown that appears so-so on the wall mount might end up looking amazing as soon as you try it on.  On the other hand, a wedding dress that you have actually been pining online may fall flat when you see it in person. Numerous brides swear they love their gowns, yet end up loving a low cut champagne beaded wedding dress rather than their original wedding dress choice that they were looking at.

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9. Give your bridal salon consultant positive feedback and your wedding dress shopping experience will be exciting, rather than ending up being exhausting or stressful after trying on the first five or six wedding dresses.  Don't make the mistake of keeping your ideas to yourself for fear that you'll hurt their feelings. Your bridal salon consultant needs to know exactly if you do not like fluffy ball wedding dresses or if you like the skirt of one wedding dress but not the bodice so they can select choices that are more on-target for your south Florida wedding day.


10. Evaluate how comfy your wedding dress is by moving around in it, sit down, dance, and walk up and down the bridal salon aisles strutting your stuff. Trust your gut, choose a gown that enhances your body, rather than exactly what is trending. If your wedding dress is so tight that breathing is difficult, ditch that too.  It may not seem like a big deal now while you’re caught up in the 'honeymoon phase' of buying the wedding dress but the wedding day will be a whole different story.


11. Don’t get hung up on the size, which may be 2 sizes larger than your typical, daily clothing. Wedding dresses do run small.  When it's time to purchase your wedding dress, purchase the dress that comes closest to your size and have it altered to fit you perfectly. It's always best to order your designer gown based on the size of your bust, waist, and hip measurements, instead of sizing down and depending on the fact that you'll slim down in time for your south Florida wedding day.

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12. In the end, you must select the wedding dress that feels right and looks best on you and nobody else.  This is YOUR day and YOUR wedding dress!  You must to feel stunning and confident, only you can make the best choice, not your maid of honor, Mommy, or whomever else is with you.  Uncertain if it's really the one?  Attempt including a veil to assist obtain in the wedding-day frame of mind and see if you could picture yourself walking down the aisle in this wedding dress for your south Florida wedding. If the response is "yes" and you don't wish to take it off, that's a sure sign that your search is over and you have found the perfect wedding dress for your perfect south Florida wedding day!

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