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Choosing The Best South Florida Wedding Reception Venue


Choosing The Best South Florida Wedding Reception Venue

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Although most aspects of your south Florida wedding are optional when choosing the best south Florida wedding reception venue as one of your very first things to do.  You need a pick a south Florida reception venue at the very least to hold your wedding, whether it is a church, banquet hall or wedding reception venue. Nevertheless, finding the ideal reception venue is no simple task, since there are dozens of wedding reception venues to pick from.

Whether you want to hold your wedding reception in a lavish ballroom, a banquet venue, or having a south Florida beach wedding, you must schedule the reception venue typically months before the wedding. Here are some ideas that will help you pick the perfect south Florida wedding reception venue.

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Talk with a South Florida Wedding Planner

Before you begin your search for the perfect south Florida wedding rececption venue you might want to speak with a credible south Florida wedding planner.  Wedding planners typically have more experience when working with the majority of south Florida wedding venues including the specific items that you will require for your desired look and feel of your wedding reception.  If the reception venue that you are considering has a peculiarity that will make your wedding reception vision hard to achieve, your south Florida wedding planner will have the answers you are seeking.

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Select A South Florida Reception Venue That Matches Your Vision

Although this may appear apparent to some newly engaged couples, you have to select a south Florida wedding reception venue that aligns with your particular vision. For example, if you are preparing a modern-day wedding, you should consider the numerous historic wedding reception venues to choose from located throughout South Florida. However, if you want an south Florida beach wedding then you are in luck, you have 125 miles of white sandy beach to choose from.

Make sure you choose a south Florida wedding venue that matches your dreams and aspirations and allows you to feel more connected to the reception venue.

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Know Your Wedding Guest List

If you wish to avoid major headaches, you need to know how many wedding guests that you are expecting on your south Florida wedding day. You may find yourself with a real headache if you select a wedding reception venue that is too small to fit all your wedding guests. Most newly engaged couples underestimate the number of wedding guests that they originally intended to invite and wind up with more wedding guests than there are available seats.

You have to know exactly how many wedding guests that will be attending your south Florida wedding so that you to choose the perfect wedding reception venue for both you and your wedding guests.  Additionally, most wedding expenses are dependent on the number of wedding guests that you are inviting to your wedding day celebration.

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Know Your Wedding Budget

Your wedding budget is not just the cost of renting a reception venue but reception venue's typically add on an in house catering charge.  Wedding florists and additional wedding décor will likely increase the price of renting the reception venue as well.  When adding up all the extras to fufill your wedding reception dreams you may want to reconsider your wedding day theme.

You will need to break down your wedding budget and allocate additional cash to the most essential wedding vendors initially prior to selecting your wedding reception venue.  If you begin by choosing an expensive reception venue and staying within your wedding budget it will become an uphill financial battle.  You should consider speaking with a south Florida wedding planner to get a good idea as to specific expenses for your wedding reception venue.

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Your Wedding Guest Experience

If the majority of your wedding guests are from out of town you should pick a south Florida wedding reception venue that is close to the hotel. You will also need to consider your wedding guests convenience and comfort.  To find out the most comfy south Florida wedding reception venue, you should ask how many wedding guests will fit comfortably into the wedding reception venue.  When picking a wedding reception venue, such as the Marriott Palm Beach Gardens Hotel, you also need to know what their fire codes are.

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Remember... This Is Your Day! 

You should not choose a wedding reception venue just because your mom or friends all got married there!  You need to think about the perfect south Florida wedding reception venue that will make you and your husband to be feel good about your decision and represents both of our as husband and wife.

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What Does Your South Florida Reception Venue Offer?

You may want to consider customized wedding packages where everything is included from wedding photographers, wedding DJ's, uplighting, wedding caterers, decorations, wedding florists and decor which will cost more than just renting a wedding reception venue empty.  In the long run purchasing customized package from the preferred vendors list at reception venue may actually cost less with the least amount of headaches. You have dozens of choices, just pick which South Florida wedding reception venue best suits you and your husband.

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