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A Mother's Role in the Wedding


There are mothers that are super involved in the planning and process of their daughter's day. And there are other MOB's that choose to let their daughter be the executive decision maker with providing little insight. Whether your mom is treating your wedding like her second ceremony or has decided to grab some popcorn and let you do all the work these are the top 3 duties we feel every mom should take the reigns on. 

1. Gown Approval 
Traditionally, mothers will be front and center when their daughters are trying on their wedding dresses. It's just like when they were young and it was playtime with dresses but this of course is on a grander scale. Moms do NOT want to miss this! 

2. Incorporate Family Traditions or Give Generational Items 
Moms will know what traditions are dear to the family and culture and its her job to make sure that it gets implemented into the ceremony. She should also help you find the "something old" or "something borrowed." 

3. Point of Contact 
Your mom should be the one whose name you give to the caterers, florist, planners, entertainers, and venue to field questions and help coordinate. (Whew!) As celeb wedding planner Colin Cowie suggests, "Set your mom up for success with a list of creative contacts and a message book solely for your wedding day."

4. Communicating Outfit Choice with Your Groom's Mom
According to Colin Cowie, "Etiquette dictates that your mother follows your lead as to the color and formality of the dress she picks. The bride's mom buys her gown before the mother of the groom, and, once chosen, calls the groom's mother to describe her dress."

5. Day-of Support  
From the dress to the dance, mom is the cheerleader and help today. Of course starting with putting the dress on is symbolic to when you used to help her when she was a child. Make sure to remind the bride often how much she means to you and other words of affirmation. And just like when she was a child, if the bride cries have the shoulder ready.