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Choosing The Best South Florida Wedding Reception Venue

Newly engaged couples should begin choosing the best south Florida wedding reception venue at least 6 to 9 months out from their wedding date! You need to pick a south Florida reception venue at the very least to hold your wedding, whether it is in a church, banquet hall or wedding reception venue. Read More
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Johnstone Studios Wedding


Capture the intimacy and romance of your special day with Johnstone Studios! Located in Reno, NV, they capture a level of affection between the bride and groom like no other photography studio. Relive the magic of your special day every time with Johnstone Studios! Read More
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Kendall Photography


Kendall Price Photography is the Award winning wedding, portrait and commercial photographer in the Reno-Lake Tahoe area. Kendall Price Photography specializes in portrait and wedding photography in the Reno-Lake Tahoe area. Read More
lady edi - main


We love local make up artists ... and BBC is currently crushing on Lady EDI Makeup in Orlando . The owner Eileen's love for makeup developed at an early age. As a young girl she was fascinated just by the simple act of watching her mom get ready for the day. Presently that fascination has grown to a passion and her own company. Eileen believes that the power of makeup is not only to enhance ones inner beauty but to transform the wearer. This belief is what ignites her fire. Read More
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ceremony of dreams - main


Terri Wengjen's passion is to create the ceremony of your dreams. She will help design a religious or non-religious ceremony with personalized vows, rituals of your choice, and unique elements of your love story. Her vision for you is for your wedding day to be the ulitmate celebration of your love at the location of your choice. Read More
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