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South Florida Weddings is the premier South Florida weddings website for newly engaged couples. Discover hundreds of local wedding venues, wedding photographers, wedding DJ’s and everything to plan your perfect South Florida weddings! utilizes the latest in digital technology enabling the brides to be able to reach out to the South Florida wedding vendors through instant messaging and texting. Read More
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Questions to Ask Prior to Your Wedding Day

Here are some great questions to ask prior to your wedding day when dealing with all the small details concerning your upcoming wedding. As a bride and groom you have a lot of responsibilities between visiting wedding venues and menu tastings that you have on your wedding planning plate. As a newly engaged bride you have a packed schedule and it’s understandable that you overlook the tiniest of details concerning your wedding planning. Read More
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South Florida Wedding Venues

While practically every aspect of a south Florida wedding is optional, from wearing a tuxedo or not wearing a wedding gown to passing on the wedding flowers to foregoing the wedding cake, but there's one thing you cannot skip… your south Florida wedding venue! After all, you have actually got to have somewhere for your friends and family to gather and celebrate your south Florida wedding day! Read More
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South Florida Wedding DJ’s

Depending on where you are from, the things you think about when selecting the music for your south Florida wedding DJ’s are drastically different. Read More
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South Florida Wedding Venues

As a bride you will always want to express your uniqueness in your very own way. It's not like you listen exclusively to heavy metal or your wardrobe consists completely of black pantsuits and boring gray blouses. So here are some tips on choosing your South Florida Wedding Venues. Read More
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11 questions to ask your wedding photographer

11 Questions to Ask Your South Florida Wedding Photographer

Hiring a wedding photographer is a very important step when planning for your South Florida wedding. A South Florida professional photographer can be among the most expensive services you hire. Because your photos will document your wedding day for years to come, it is essential to hire a professional photographer that is exactly what you want in wedding photos and not your best friend or uncle who are amateurs. Here are the 11 questions to ask your South Florida wedding photographer prior to retaining their wedding photography services. South Florida wedding photographers such as Ron Wood Photography has been in the wedding industry for years and is a perfect choice when hiring a wedding photographer. Read More
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A Guide to Hiring the Perfect South Florida Wedding Florist

A Guide To Hiring The Perfect South Florida Wedding Florist

Wedding flowers are one of the most important aspects of your wedding day. Not just do they provide color and decoration, but they symbolize life, development, and rebirth. Excellent wedding flowers are likewise a discussion starter and after the food and dress, one of the things visitors will remember the majority of. Here is a guide to hiring the perfect South Florida wedding florist can help make wedding preparing a breeze, while a tough florist can make creating your wedding an overall problem. Read More
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Luxury South Florida Weddings

Luxury South Florida Weddings

Luxury South Florida Weddings located in Boca Raton, Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Miami Beach. Read More
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5 Reasons to Plan a Hawaii Wedding

Picking the perfect place to get married can be tough. A wedding in Hawaii is our best pick! Here's why! Read More
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Finding your dream gown isn't an easy task. Bride to Be Couture in Sacramento is the place to be for the fashionista bride. Read More
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Emotional Connection

Picking your wedding music can be hard because you want everyone to connect on a positive level. Here are some tips to design your music from celebrity entertainment designer, Andy Kushner! Read More
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Fit For A Bride is an elite bridal boutique providing you with a non-traditional shopping experience. Debi will help you get wedding day ready! Read More
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