Wedding Planning with Preston Bailey

05/05/2016 By Preston Bailey

The perfect wedding doesn’t have to be a dream

One of the things I advise my brides is to always go for perfection and then the day of the event, they need to let go of it and have a good time. By me advising them of that, I usually remind them that this is not a perfect world and sometimes things just do not go right.

They can certainly arm themselves with as much information as possible by seeing everything and understanding every single thing that is going to happen and understanding that things are going to happen. But it is up to them that day if they want to be so rigid. For example, “Oh my gosh the food did not come out at exactly 3:00 p.m. I am going to be unhappy about that for the rest of my day and the rest of my life,” or they can laugh about it and understand that a lot of times these things happen and the caterer got stuck or whatever and goes with the flow.

So my advice is, that day, you need to let go a little bit. You should relax and you should enjoy, regardless. Just don’t allow these small things to ruin your day, because things do go wrong. That is life. You can strive for perfection, but things aren’t always perfect.

A lot of brides seek help and hire people, but at the same, time they micromanage. They are so involved, and they want things to be just perfect. To me that impedes people from giving you their best. Try to be more flexible with the people you hire and let them surprise you. Of course, make sure the person listens to you, but once they do let them be designers, let them be artists. Sometimes a lot of what they produce is more exciting than what you, as the bride, can envision.

Creating the surroundings and having it be this experience that is almost permanent as far as what people will remember. When I say all of it, it takes all of the different components to bring it together to create that one day, that memorable day. Every little bit of it helps.