Leave the Designing to the Professionals

05/05/2016 By Preston Bailey

I have never really paid attention to popular trends.  My style is to listen to a client's dreams and fantasies and then create a custom couture event that is tailored to that specific client.  Because I am always so inspired by nature, I do love to infuse the spirit of the season in which an event will take place into my designs.

I really enjoy working with fabrics, crystals, flowers, and anything created by Mother Nature.  I prefer heavy materials that are rich in texture.  I am best known for making statements and I love anything that makes a statement.

A lot of brides seek help and hire people, but at the same time, they micromanage.  They are so involved, and they want things to be just perfect.  And to me, that impedes people from giving you their best.  Maybe they should be more flexible with the people they hire.  Let them surprise her.  Of course make sure the person listens to them, but once they do, let them be designers, let them be artists.  Sometimes, a lot of what they produce is more exciting than what the bride envisioned.

Creating the surroundings and having it be this experience that is almost permanent as far as what people will remember.  When I say all of it, it takes all of the different components to bring it together to create that one day, that memorable day.  Every little bit of it helps. 

I think that for a while, everyone wanted the modern look...I think that is changing.  I think that people associate modern with coldness and it's very stark, and they want warmth and lusciousness.  White has become very popular again; for a while there were a lot of colors.  As I said earlier, the fact that they have so much information at their finger tip, they know what they want and what they don't want.  That could be a good thing.  They are much more aware of what design is than ever before.  10 years ago, we didn't have all the information on what it is to do a wedding.  We've seen a million cakes, a million designs.  It's exciting, but sometimes there is a thing as too many choices.  Years ago, it was books in the bookstore and magazines on the shelf.  Now there is Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, blogs; now everyone is collecting images. 

I think it changes the event industry into something different.  The good thing is that it forces us to be on our toes.  The bad news is that their expectations are too high.  I am still curious to see what is going to happen in the long run.  The industry is changing tremendously, as I said.  People have to wear many hats and they have to adapt many styles.  Reminds me of the days of the old Hollywood actors and actresses.  They had to sing, dance, and act.  I think that in the event industry, we have to be savvy in many areas.