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05/05/2016 By Preston Bailey

Whether it’s an exotic location or just a drive back to their hometown, destination weddings provide couples with a unique experience.

When the wedding planning begins, brides are presented with a choice of hosting their wedding in the city where they may currently live or a destination that will require some travel.  Many brides today are choosing destination weddings because they wish to have a wedding that goes beyond the traditional wedding day experience. With a destination wedding, the traditional one-day event turns into a multi-day vacation experience.

Destination weddings often last over the course of several days and can include activities that may not be found in the bride’s hometown.  Imagine taking your bridal party on a private wine tasting in Napa, a skiing trip in the Catskills or a private snorkeling trip in Fiji.  Arranged group activities bring your wedding guests together, allowing those closest to you the chance to really get to now each other.

This is also a wonderful opportunity for the bride and groom to spend quality time with the guests who traveled to be with them and to witness one of the most special days in their life.  This is the perfect time to thank them with an intimate dinner, wine tasting or cocktail party.

Most destination venues offer all-inclusive packages that ease logistics and amount of stress placed on the couple and their guests.  Resort wedding coordinators are trained to assist with all aspects of your planning including room arrangements, transportation and even arranging for your marriage license.

With a destination wedding, your event becomes a more significant experience for everyone in addition to the lovely ceremony and a nice dinner.  Your guests will have not only an unforgettable wedding ceremony, but also an unforgettable vacation. Destination weddings, whether a warm and tropical locale or a major city, provide the perfect reason for anyone to take a few extra days to celebrate with you, and make a vacation out of the trip.

When planning your destination wedding, there are a few things to keep in mind such as travel time, time changes and work schedules. Be sure to give your guests advance notice with a save the date, allowing them more time to prepare both financially and to give enough notice at work for vacation time.  With some advance planning you are sure to have memories to last a lifetime.

BYLINE: After thirty-two years in the event industry, Preston Bailey has made his mark as an artist, creating dramatic, one-of-a-kind dramatic spaces for events for the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Michael Douglas, Joan Rivers, and many celebrities and royal families around the globe.  His company does work worldwide.  He is the author of five successful design books, and he makes frequent TV appearances ad speaks at conferences around the world.  He is also an educator, and has countless art installations in places like London, New York, France, Taiwan and Jakarta.

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