orlando banner link Orlando is known for many things, such as theme parks, Lake Eola, golf courses and giving the world Wayne Brady. However, the city is home to beautiful locations and resorts that are prime locations for a wedding. Orlando weddings can be as fun or as traditional as you want them to be. In that same vein, honeymoons in Orlando can be tailored to how you want it to be. One of the great things about Orlando is that it combines the fun of being a kid and an adult; you can go spend the day at a major theme park before retiring with a nice glass of Merlot while listening to smooth jazz at a local lounge.

One of the biggest attractions in Orlando is the Walt Disney World Resort, which includes the corresponding theme parks, hotels, water parks, golf course, camping resort and other venues.  Aside from being a major tourist destination, domestically and internationally, Walt Disney World Resort also has a plethora of locations within the park to host your wedding! Popular spots such as East Plaza Garden and the Railroad Train Station in Magic Kingdom, but most of the wedding spots in Walt Disney World Resort are located in EPCOT, such as Canada Terrace, China Courtyard, Italy Plaza, Japan Courtyard, Morocco and Sea Breeze Point just to name a few. There are also a couple wedding packages offered by the resort.

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If you want something more classical and traditional, you can always opt to have your Orlando wedding held in a five-star resort and hotel. One of The Wedding Proz showcase vendors, Paradise Cove, is a popular choice due to its lakeside location. Surrounded by sandy beaches, swaying palm tree and cypress trees, Paradise Cove has a natural beauty to make you feel like you’ve stepped into paradise. To make things even more convenient, most resorts in Orlando can provide a photographer, caterer, musician/DJ and flowers, so that’s less for you to worry about! But that isn’t to say your Orlando wedding cannot have a different caterer or florist. The Wedding Proz has several different vendors to choose from to help you make that decision!

Orlando weddings can be one of the most fun ceremonies or parties you could plan, or have the pleasure to go to. It’s a fun, vibrant city that is welcoming and will leave a lasting impression on you. It’s a family town, a fun town and a great escape from the hustle and bustle of other busy places. Orlando is a city that makes you stop and smell the roses (probably because it’s too humid to do anything considered fast-paced). Orlando weddings have been a part of The Wedding Proz for years, so you know you’re getting nothing less than top quality service and wedding planning assistance.

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