Picture Perfect Event: A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

05/06/2016 By Monte Durham

We all have proof of past or present photos telling a story.  Whether happy or sad, joyful or playful, a silent story is communicated and memories are kept alive. 

So it's no wonder how daunting choosing a photographer, for what will be the biggest memory of your life, can be.  Not to worry!  Here are some tips that will help make for a picture perfect event. 

Make sure you have a clear vision of what style photography you want when interviewing potential photographers.  Be sure to consider the location, time of day (and year), and of course, your budget.  These are some factors that can narrow your selection.  But mostly, focus on the style and story you want to tell with your wedding album. 

  1. Are you more traditional?
  1. Do you prefer a more relaxed/photojournalist feel that looks as if you took the photos?
  1. Are you an artist and want only black and white images with a modern color wash?

Be sure to keep in mind your wedding album cover and the placement of the photos.  These small touches will lend a hand to keeping your vision in tact. 

I personally love a portrait.  For those of you that are with me; how about having a studio shoot taken before your big day?  These can be classic, modern or vintage - only limited to your imagination.  These portraits can grace the pages of your wedding album, newspaper announcements, and holiday cards.  They will take their place of honor on walls, mantles and grand pianos - as your grandmothers and mothers did.

This is also a perfect time to check out mom and gram's albums, recreating their portrait as your something borrowed!

The big plus in a portrait shoot: you can see your look before the big day.  Every detail can be perfected - even your flowers and how you hold them.  This is like a trial run or a dress rehearsal - only a bit more realistic. 

Note: if this is not a very good reason to order your gown in advance, I don't know what is.

The important thing is to find a photographer you relate to in style and eloquence - one person's casual could be another person's formal. 

No matter what you decide, be sure you capture the space and time according to your wedding day.  How about some photos of the table settings or as the room is being set up?  And don't miss a shot of a late evening sun to capture the end of your special day.

There is always your wedding dress hanging all pressed and ready to be slipped on, or the emotional moment when your mother fastens your grandmother's pearls on you.  A car being washed and polished for the big ride, or the groom walking the dog before he heads out for his run.  Guests filling into the ceremony site, greeting one another and signing the book - filling it with well wishes and good luck.  These are but a few unique and intimate ideas.  Take some time to sit down alone with a fresh glass of sweet tea, and come up with others. 

My point is to be sure to tell the whole story.  Envisioning and dreaming of the entire day takes time, so give yourself plenty.  Making sure your love story and event are captured perfectly will ensure every time you take a walk down memory lane it's as fresh to you then as it is now.

So stand up straight, shoulders back, chest out and a big smile, remembering to say CHEESE on the count of three.