Cool Tips for a Hot Summer

05/06/2016 By Monte Durham

With summer fast approaching, here are a few tips to keep you looking and feeling ‘cool as a cucumber’ on your special day!

For the bride having a late spring or summer wedding, weather may be at the forefront of the decision-making process when it comes to the dress, hair and accessories.  Summer weddings can have their challenges, but as the saying goes: Every cloud has a silver lining.

When looking for the gown of your dreams, think light and flowy, remembering the more fitted the gown, the less air circulation and freedom of movement.  Look for fabrics that are soft and flowing, steering clear of heavy satins and silks.  With sweetheart necklines and natural-fitted waists leading the trend on the runways this year, look for a full, light, circle skirt with a sweep train.  For the impact of a long train, try a cathedral veil.  It's easier to remove and adds the drama of a long train without the weight of the bustling.

*Style Note: 100% natural fabrics have more comfort factors.  Remember they are not directly against your body and most linings are made of synthetic materials.

Hair today gone tomorrow: How to wear your hair is an age-old question, and I have a few answers.

Should you wear it up or down, or maybe half up and down?

A word to the wise – hair that is pulled back and up from the face gives an instant lift, looking cool, fresh and neat - ensuring your look stays fresh the entire day/night!

Try a ballet knot, but instead of the love knot, try a braid.  For a more romantic look, try a loose curly side knot.  For a more modern take, how about a French twist?

* Style note: Having your hair down or half up and down could lead hair looking limp or frizzy after a few dances.

We all know accessories can make or break an outfit.  Well this is true on your wedding day as well.

Here's the perfect opportunity to bring in your ‘Something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue’ with a six pence in your shoe.

Going for the gold: With gold leading the trend in jewelry, try mixing this into your look with chandelier earrings or adding gold to your headpiece.  For a cool look at your reception mix, gold and silver bangles add a bit of glam and high style.

No matter what your preference is between gold and silver, keep it clean and simple for your walk down the aisle.

*Style note: How about bringing gold to your feet with strappy sandals, keeping in mind if you’re on the lawn or beach, you may want to look for wedges so your high-heels don’t sink into the ground.

With your soft flowing gown, hair swept back and gold mixed into your accessories, you will look cool, comfortable and in style.

Now it’s time to hit the dance floor and party like its 2015!

Wishing you only the best on your wedding day,

Monte Durham