hawaii weddings banner linkWho hasn't dreamt of getting married in Hawaii? With beautiful, famous beaches, lush greenery and vibrant fauna, Hawaii is the definition of an ideal getaway. But it’s also a quintessential destination for weddings. Hawaii weddings are often the stuff of fantasy; a beautiful, touching ceremony by the ocean at sunset that can melt any heart as whales breech in the background. While that is a big part of Hawaii’s charm, there’s certainly more to the island than white sandy beaches and luaus. There is a certain feel that you are entering a completely different world, one where time moves slower and makes you stop and enjoy the view. If you’re looking for a wedding location where the atmosphere is calmer, but the scenery is still breathtaking, then Hawaii is the place for you.


Hawaii is, essentially, one of the most perfect places to have your wedding and honeymoon all in one place. You have the option of having the dream-like beach ceremony, as well as the optimal couple’s getaway. There are plenty of activities to do during your honeymoon, such as surfing, going on hiking trails, dolphin watching, exploring nearby jungles, visiting historical sites and state parks, as well as national monuments throughout the islands. There is so much to do in Hawaii that it warrants traveling there for your second and third honeymoon!


Hawaii is a wonder waiting to be discovered, and with The Wedding Proz, you can find the perfect location to have the Hawaii wedding you always dreamed about!

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