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Daytona Beach is not called the “World’s Most Famous Beach” for no reason! Topped with beach-side amusement parks, historic sites, tours, and dozens of other activities, Daytona Beach is one of the best places to plan your wedding and honeymoon, all in one spot. Daytona is also located in a prime spot within Florida; it’s barely over an hour away from Orlando, in case you wanted to make a stop at Disney World Resort, and the city is right on the coast next to the Atlantic Ocean. Daytona Beach weddings are fun, family-friendly affairs as there’s always something for families to do! With all kinds of beach-front properties that host weddings and receptions, you can have a wedding and reception all in one, convenient location.

One of the more popular spots for wedding and reception venues in Daytona Beach is The Indian River Queen steamboat. Three decks high and paddle wheeled to give the steamboat more authenticity, The Indian River Queen is a local favorite for wedding venues in Daytona Beach. The Queen has her own wedding planning team who have years of experience under their belt. There are special cabins for members of the Bridal Party to prepare, as well as for the Groom and his Groomsmen. Although where the Queen docks is in Cocoa, Florida, it is only an hour or so from Daytona Beach, but there are transportation services to help you travel from Daytona Beach to Cocoa.

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Another popular venue for Daytona Beach weddings, if you’re more into a country/rustic theme, is The Delamater House. A family owned-business, the main part of The Delamater House is the large barn. Added on is an outdoor ceremony site under a canopy of oak trees with white washed pews, a Bridal Cottage for the bride and her party to get ready, a Groom's Bungalow for the Groom and Groomsmen to get ready, a catering prep area, a unique outside bar area with 6 restrooms for your guests to use. The Delamater House also has enough tables and seats for 200 people. They have both round and long tables as well as both white chairs and mahogany chairs. The Delamater House opened not too long ago, and it already has been a massive hit for Daytona Beach weddings.

So, what do you after your Daytona Beach wedding? Head to Orlando, rent a car and drive down to Miami? Possibly, or you can explore a more adventurous side of Daytona Beach by visiting one of the many different attractions, like the NASCAR Motor Speedway, the Ponce de Leon Lighthouse, or theme park right on that sits right on the shoreline of the beach. You could also go horseback riding into the surf, jet skiing, paddle boarding, or walk through the various parks in Daytona Beach. Just outside the city limits is Tiger Bay State Forest, where you can go hiking, horseback riding, picnicking, boating, fishing, and whatever else tickles your fancy!


These are just a few of the dozens of venues where you can host your Daytona Beach wedding, as well as a handful of honeymoon activities. There are plenty of resorts in Daytona Beach where you have your wedding hosted, including your guests if they are traveling for the ceremony. The Wedding Proz is still building up a list of vendors for Daytona Beach, so check back with us soon!

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