Whats After Engagement?

05/19/2016 By David Tutera

What's After Engagement

With peak engagement season coming to a close, many newly engaged couples may find themselves asking the question, “what next?!”  Well, before jumping to the details that you’ve been waiting so long to plan, make sure you take time to enjoy your engagement!  You will never get another chance to enjoy the rush and elation of being engaged more than once, so revel in the moment first and foremost.  The biggest mistake I see brides make is when they jump right into the details, the plans and the purchasing before even pausing to think about the overall picture.  It’s like running a marathon without pacing yourself or stretching before taking off!

Once the dust settles, start thinking about your budget—this is the most important aspect when beginning to plan the big day.  Once that is established, begin doing your homework and prioritizing which items are at the top of your list for your wedding.

I’ve found that oftentimes, many couples find themselves overwhelmed and unsure as to how to choose a reputable vendor that will cater to their needs and taste.  You can only do so much research through the internet and in magazines, which is why I highly recommend getting in front of them and seeing their product or services in person.  I also know that due to hectic work schedules and obligations, this can be challenging for a couple to find time to visit so many vendors, which can result in frustration and settling with a company that may not be the best fit for you, your needs or your budget!

For this reason, I have come up with an event concept that brings my “David Tutera Approved” vendor picks face-to-face with couples all under one roof and I’ve named  it, Your Wedding Experience presented by David Tutera, debuting this June in multiple cities throughout the country.  I couldn’t be more excited to be sharing this one-of-a kind event offering endless wedding inspiration, reputable vendors and the best possible resources that I have personally tailored to brides and grooms!

Your Wedding Experience will feature industry experts such as myself, “Cake Boss” star Buddy Valastro and many more.  The show will debut in Atlanta on June 14, 2015 at the Georgia World Congress Center, followed by Houston on August 9, 2015 at the NRG Center and Philadelphia on September 13, 2015 at the Philadelphia Convention Center. 

I am beyond excited to be hosting such a unique wedding event that will allow guests to touch, feel and experience all of the trend forward ideas that I have come up with, alongside local vendors that can provide knowledge and experience throughout the entire day!  2015 is bringing so many new and exciting trends and designs and I am thrilled to be able to share my expertise with local couples.

I’ll be giving my brides and grooms an all-access pass to the latest fashion on The Wedding Catwalk, show specials and discounts, giveaways, one-on-one inspiration and tips from myself and many other experts that I’m excited for you to meet!

Your Wedding Experience presented by David Tutera will provide couples the opportunity to meet over 100 David Tutera approved wedding professionals, make connections, get inspired and save time and money in the process, all while sharing a fun and enjoyable experience with family and friends.  There will truly be something for every couple planning their big day and I can’t wait to help you plan your big day! www.yourweddingexperience.com