2016 Wedding Trend Forecast

05/06/2016 By Danielle Couick

It is a guarantee that as soon as Pantone releases the 2016 Color of the Year, there will be plenty of pretty ‘Pinspiration’ on the World Wide Web for all of our brides and grooms to pour over.  In the meantime here are my predictions for what you can expect to see for 2016 nuptials.

  1. Curated Collections | There is something quite striking about a well-designed solitary centerpiece and I don’t think they are going to the wayside but, there will be an upturn toward more curated collections. Think groupings of arrangements, details, etc.  Rather than one large centerpiece we are going to see collections of vases, frames, votives, candles and other objet d’art.  This is a great place to infuse personality and detail.
  1. It’s Only Natural | As couples continue to veer away from tradition, start footing their own wedding bill and look to their personalities and lifestyle as a source for inspiration and detail we are going to see more common textiles and materials making their entrance. Cement, cork, wood and stone for example will be big stars in more rustic and casual chic celebrations while agate and capiz will glam things up a bit.  On the other hand, we are gilding anything that will stand still long enough to be painted, stamped or dipped, so even the less polished elements are providing an unexpected twist in the glammed up market (yes, I am talking about that gilded cow hide rug and gold dipped cement vase).
  1. Heavy Metal | Gold and rose gold aren’t the only metallics having a moment. Right now we are seeing a turn to rose copper, antiqued bronze and brass is coming back in a big way.  The thrift store brass candlesticks of yesterday are the new-curated wedding collection of today.  Mixing them together as a neutral palette with one accent color is also going to be big.
  1. Color Me Mine | We are going to see color palettes such as “Sorbet” and “Tropical Punch” featuring Caribbean blues, raspberry, aquamarine, coral, citrus, peach, parakeet, cobalt and tangerine. On the contrary, more subdued couples may opt for a monochromatic color scheme in muted greys and browns, shades of blue and of course, whites and creams.
  1. Expect the Unexpected | Believe it or not, save-the-dates barely existed fifteen years ago, the hashtag was only introduced in 2007, and the idea of using your phone to take pictures during a ceremony and simultaneously posting them for the world of non-invited guests to see was non-existent. You actually had to be invited to the wedding to experience it.  Technology has its pros and certainly its cons, but all in all, etiquette is changing and adapting to accommodate the fast paced, “I need it now” world that we live in (for better or for worse, pun intended).  I realize there is a generation of couples that are reading this thinking that I am 1,000 years old and completely out of touch.  Truthfully, as technology advances, the wedding industry continues to thrive and options and ideas are available at the click of a button; things that were completely unheard of and unexpected even a year ago are going to become the new status quo.