To Thine Own Self Be True: Knowing Your Personality Improves the Planning Process

05/06/2016 By Angela Proffitt

Planning a wedding will have you questioning your sanity.

And while you’re (hopefully) confident in the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, the wedding planning process is bound to have you second-guessing your judgment.

“Is the shade of red in the flowers the same shade of red in the napkins? Will the music during cocktail hour create the right ambiance? Why is my mom being a *expletive*?”

You may not feel like you have all the answers immediately, but underneath that ambiguity is a disconnect that’s presented as conflict. Imagine if you could unravel the truth behind a majority of miscommunication and have effective solutions that ensure your feelings are heard.

Before I got into wedding planning, I worked in the mental healthcare industry. Psychology is saturated with hundreds of personality tests that can identify your quirks and preferences, but what I found to be the most universal reflection of personality was through color. Rather than categorizing someone by a “type,” it was more humanizing to recognize the “color” of their personality.

When you select a planner and start deciding on vendors, you’ll be best served if you understand how you make decisions and why they work for you. There are key traits I’ve identified through the True Colors assessment, and I’ve catered personality types around brides and the wedding industry. 

Take a look at these descriptions and think about which one describes your style. The entire personality analysis is much more detailed, but here’s a brief rundown:

Orange Brides: Being the star of the show is a priority for Oranges. They love having the spotlight at their event and will enjoy the planning process. Using technology will benefit these brides by allowing them to input their thoughts into the decision on their own time.

Green Brides: Green clients tend to be analytical, so they enjoy being educated on each part of the process. They want to have as many facts, numbers and information as possible to set their minds at ease. Greens typically enjoy the details of how things work because they like to understand the value of what they’re paying for.

Blue Brides: Blues like to make sure everyone is happy, and they are cooperative instead of competitive. They love to be included and want to feel unique and authentic in their event. They are sensitive to staying true to the vision they have created for their special day.

Gold Brides: Golds see the whole purpose of planning as a means to ensure every option is discussed because they want as few surprises as possible. They need to be reminded that everything will be ok if something changes, and it won’t create additional stress. Consistent affirmation is a necessity. 

Through a thorough True Colors assessment, you’ll identify your planning structure, vendor preferences and communication style. You’ll instill boundaries that will increase productivity and create more margin in your life. Imagine how it will feel when you can pin point who and what will waste your time, and what will benefit your progress without investing too much of your energy up front. Planning the biggest day of your life doesn’t mean putting the rest of your life on hold.

So go easy on the wine, put away the Xanax, and remind yourself that you’re not going crazy. You have feelings, you have preferences and you have big decisions to make. And that’s ok. Remember that just because your opinions are different, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re wrong. Trust yourself.