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Mark Shaffer


70’s – 80’s Born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, Mark began his wedding career in 1978 with his first wedding booking as a Las Vegas wedding entertainer. Spending countless Saturday nights at weddings through the end of the 70’s and into the first half of the 80’s, Mark launched All Star Dj’s, his new Wedding DJ Entertainment company in Orlando, Florida in 1986.  From ‘86 to ‘91 Mark developed his special talent for booking brides and earned his way up the ladder of the local wedding community.

90’s  In 1991 Mark was elected to the Board of Directors at NACE Orlando.  By 1992, Mark had established a company of 14 wedding DJ entertainers in Orlando, the largest DJ company in Florida, and had created and launched Best Bridal Shows at Dubsdread Country Club in Orlando, Florida, and Puff-n-Stuff Catering, with numerous bridal shows following. Within a matter of time, he had established himself within the Orlando wedding community as an innovative leader with marketing talents that were recognized by many of his friends and also by a well known national wedding magazine.  The “Perfect Wedding Guide” presented Mark with an opportunity as founding owner with ownership interest in the magazine in 1994, in trade for his marketing talents and skills, to nationally lead the company to success.  He accepted the offer, and after booking over 3000 plus, brides and planning and working so many bride’s weddings, he made the move to the business side of the bridal industry, and found a new love in wedding marketing.

Over the next 10 years, Mark had opened 60 cities and trained and coached over 2000 wedding professionals across the nation, including his hometown, Las Vegas. He moved back to Vegas in 1995 to establish the West Coast Division of “Perfect Wedding Guide” and there be closer to his family. In 1998, Mark launched the Las Vegas Bridal Expo at the Orleans Hotel. As the world wide web developed, Mark stayed in tune with every internet move. He purchased in 1998 for future development, along with By 1999, he launched the Las Vegas Wedding Awards recognizing all those in the Las Vegas wedding community who had also made a difference, and stood out in their field of endeavor. Soon thereafter, Mark opened the San Diego “Perfect Wedding Guide” and launched the San Diego Bridal Show. Mark eventually owned five markets of the 60 PWG markets he opened. Those included Las Vegas, San Diego, Phoenix, Riverside and Orange County.

2000’s  By 2002, Mark had begun to discover new visions of a future with his big dream … Las Vegas Bride Magazine. He sold all five of his markets of “Perfect Wedding Guide” in 2003, to pursue his new marketing future and target the “Affluent Bride”.   In 2004, Mark launched the “Best Restaurant Guide” of Las Vegas, soon followed by “Las Vegas Home & Garden Magazine” (2005) and “Today’s Health Magazine” (2006). During these years, Mark also launched the only wedding professional association in Las Vegas, called WPLV, Wedding Professionals of Las Vegas, with a membership base of over 1800 wedding professionals to date. And then finally, on 7-7-7, Mark launched Las Vegas Bride Magazine and website. Shortly thereafter, Mark launched the Summerlin Bridal Show (2008), The Green Valley Bridal Show and brought his long running Las Vegas Bridal Expo to the fabulous Las Vegas Strip, at the MGM Grand Hotel with over 100,000 sq feet and over 200 wedding professionals, the largest bridal show ever in Las Vegas.

2010   In early 2010, Mark was approached to franchise the Las Vegas Bride magazine.  With a name change to go national, Beautiful Bride Magazine was born.  Beautiful Bride Magazine expanded to 9 cities over the next 4 years, however the digital revolution was changing the “Magazine Bride” into the new “Digital Bride” and Mark began to adjust for the new brides dreams and demands, giving birth to the Beautiful Bride Club.

2015  The Beautiful Bride Club was conceived, designed and developed, then soft launched in 2016 for test runs and refinement.

2017 Today, Mark runs his headquarters based in Las Vegas, and his website, BeautifulBride.Club is now the top lead generating wedding website in the USA.  BBC targets the affluent, discerning bride, and is recognized as the most elegant and classy online medium available to brides planning their wedding.  The Bridalert Lead System is unparalleled, and the “Positive Reviews Only” system is heralded by wedding pros across the country.   Focusing on today’s “Digital Bride”, Mark has since retired from producing bridal shows and bridal magazines, and enjoys devoting all his time and energy to BeautifulBride.Club.   Mark also loves helping wedding professionals reach their business dreams and assists, does coaching and works very close with hundreds of wedding professionals on a daily basis, all across the country.   Mark also speaks as seminars for NACE and other wedding organizations, on the topic “How to Sell the Bride, Everytime!” 

After hours, Mark enjoys performing, playing and singing country music.  When he’s not on stage, he loves outdoor activities either on the snow or on the beach!  And he loves to travel and his bags are always packed and ready!   They say if you find something you love to do, you’ll never work a day in your life. Coincidentally, Mark hasn’t worked for 20 years — he’s been enjoying the wedding marketing business for over 20 years.  It’s not his job, it’s his passion.